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NARST Award Winners

Distinguished Contributions to Science Education Through Research

This award is presented at the Annual International Conference but is bestowed only when a superior candidate is identified. It is given to recognize an individual who, through research over an extended period of time, has made outstanding and continuing contributions, provided notable leadership, and made a substantial impact in the area of science education.

Year Awardee
1986 Anton E. Lawson
1987 Paul DeHart Hurd
1988 John W. Renner
1989 Willard Jacobson
1990 Joseph D. Novak
1991 Robert L. Shrigley
1992 Pinchas Tamir
1993 Jack Easley, Jr.
1994 Marcia C. Linn
1995 Wayne W. Welch
1996 Carl F. Berger
1997 Rosalind Driver
1998 James J. Gallagher
1999 Peter J. Fensham
2000 Jane Butler Kahle
2001 John K. Gilbert
2002 Audrey B. Champagne
2003 Barry J. Fraser
2004 Robert E. Yager and Paul Black
2005 John C. Clement
2006 David Treagust
2007 Kenneth Tobin
2008 Dorothy Gabel
2009 Peter W. Hewson, LĂ©onie Jean Rennie and Wolff-Michael Roth
2010 Reinders Duit, Joseph Krajcik
2011 Norman Lederman
2012 Charles W. (Andy) Anderson
Larry Yore
2013 Dale Baker
2014 Frances Lawrenz
Glen Aikenhead
Richard Gunstone
2015 Richard A. Duschl
Meshach Mobolaji Ogunniyi


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