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Classroom Applications Award

The Classroom Applications Award was established in 1979. The award was given annually to authors whose papers were presented at the previous Annual Meeting and judged to be outstanding in terms of emphasizing classroom application of research in science education. The award was last presented in 1991.

Year Awardee
1991 David F. Jackson, Billie Jean Edwards, and Carl F. Berger
1990 Dale R. Baker, Michael D. Piburn, and Dale S. Niederhauser
1989 James D. Ellis and Paul J. Kuerbis
1988 Uri Zoller and Benn Chaim
1987 Dorothy L. Gabel, V. K. Samuel, Stanley L. Helgeson, Saundra McGuire, Joseph D. Novak, and John Butzow
(Four Equal Awards)
Sarath Chandran, David F. Treagust, and Kenneth G. Tobin
Darrell L. Fisher and Barry J. Fraser
Dorothy L. Gabel, Stanley L. Helgeson, Joseph D. Novak, John Butzow, and V. K. Samuel
Linda Cronin, Meghan Tweist, and Michael J. Padilla
(Three Equal Awards)
Dan L. McKenzie and Michael J. Padilla
Margaret Walkosz and Russell H. Yeany
Kevin C. Wise and James R. Okey
(Four Equal Awards)
Mary Westerback, Clemencia Gonzales, and Louis H. Primavera
Kenneth G. Tobin
Hanna J. Arzi, Ruth Ben-Zvi, and Uri Ganiel
Charles Porter and Russell H. Yeany
1983 Robert D. Sherwood, Larry G. Enochs, and Dorothy L. Gabel
(Four Equal Awards)
Louise L. Gann and Seymour Fowler
Dorothy L. Gabel and Robert D. Sherwood
Thomas L. Russell
Joseph C. Cotham
(Four Equal Awards)
Dorothy L. Gabel, Robert D. Sherwood, and Larry G. Enochs
Wayne Welch, Ronald D. Anderson, and Harold Pratt
Mary Ellen Quinn and Carolyn Kessler
P. Ann Miller and Russell H. Yeany
(Five Equal Awards)
Livingston S. Schneider and John W. Renner
Heidi Kass and Allan Griffiths
Ramona Saunders and Russell H. Yeany
Joe Long, James R. Okey, and Russell H. Yeany
M. James Kozlow and Arthur L. White


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