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NARST Award Winners

Outstanding Paper Award

The Outstanding Paper Award is given annually for the paper or research report presented at the Annual International Conference that is judged to have the greatest significance and potential in the field of science education.

Year Awardee
2015 Lori M. Ihrig, Michael P. Clough, and Joanne K. Olson
2014 Ying-Chih Chen, Soonhye Park, and Brian Hand
2013 Ed Lyon
2012 Shelly R. Rodriguez and Julie Gess-Newsome
2011 Matthew Kloser
2010 Mark W. Winslow, John R. Staver, Lawrence C. Scharmann
2009 Jrène Rahm
2008 Guy Ashkenazi and Lana Tockus-Rappoport
2007 Eugene L. Chiappetta, Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh, Young H. Lee and Marianne C. Phillips
2006 Leema Kuhn and Brian Reiser
2005 Chi-Yan Tsui and David Treagust
2004 Joanne K. Olson, Sharon J. Lynch, Joel Kuipers, Curtis Pyke and Michael Szesze
2003 Wolff-Michael Roth
2002 Carolyn Wallace Keys, Eun-Mi Yang, Brian Hand and Liesl Hohenshell
2001 Allan G. Harrison
2000 Joseph L. Hoffman and Joseph S. Krajcik
1999 Lynn A. Bryan
1998 Wolff-Michael Roth, Reinders Duit, Michael Komorek, and Jens Wilbers
1997 no award
1996 Nancy J. Allen
1995 Wolff-Michael Roth
1994 Wolff-Michael Roth and Michael Bowen
1993 Wolff-Michael Roth
1992 Patricia Heller, Ronald Keith and Scott Anderson
1991 Nancy R. Romance and Michael Vitale
1990 Patricia L. Hauslein, Ronald G. Good, and Catherine Cummins
1989 James J. Gallagher and Armando Contreras
1988 Barry J. Fraser and Kenneth G. Tobin
1987 Robert D. Sherwood
1986 Barry J. Fraser, Herbert J. Walberg, and Wayne W. Welch (tie)
1985 Hanna J. Arzi, Ruth Ben-Zvi, and Uri Ganiel (tie) Russell H. Yeany, Kueh Chin Yap, and Michael J. Padilla
1984 Darrell L. Fisher and Barry J. Fraser
1983 William C. Kyle, Jr., James A. Shymansky, and Jennifer Alport
1982 F. Gerald Dillashaw and James R. Okey
1981 William Capie, Kenneth G. Tobin, and Margaret Boswell
1980 M. James Kozlow and Arthur L. White
1979 Linda R. DeTure
1978 Rita Peterson
1977 no award
1976 Anton E. Lawson
1975 John J. Koran


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