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NARST Standing Committees

NARST Colleagues: The important work of NARST begins at the committee level, and NARST members are the ones who staff the committees. The committee structure consists of eight standing committees, and all NARST members have an opportunity to serve the Association by participating on a committee.

Committee Chair/Co-Chair
Awards Committee Lynn Dierking
Elections Committee Malcolm Butler
Leon Walls
Equity and Ethics Committee Femi Otulaja
External Policy and Relations Christina V. Schwarz
Stefanie Marshall
Graduate Student Committee Francesca White
International Committee Lucy Avraamidou
Membership Committee Brooke Whitworth
Program Committee (2019 Conference) Gail Richmond
Tali Tal
Publications Advisory Committee Christina Siry
Research Committee Phillip Boda
Ryan Summers
Website Committee Scott McDonald

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NARST Standing Committees

  1. Awards Committee
    The Awards Committee will oversee the work of the Award Selection Sub-Committees that solicit nominations and select winners of each of the NARST awards. This committee will also discuss issues related to equity and efficiency in the selection process, and the appropriateness of the award in terms of the NARST mission. If necessary this committee will recommend changes in awards or procedures to the Board of Directors.

  2. Elections Committee
    New committee charge forthcoming.

  3. Equity and Ethics Committee
    The Equity and Ethics Committee will provide leadership and guidance to NARST on issues of equity and ethics including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disabling conditions, sexual orientation, language, national origin, and religion.

  4. External Policy and Relations Committee
    The External Policy and Relations Committee will review existing educational policies at the state, national, and international levels and produce position papers based on research. These papers would assist policymakers and the public-at-large to make more informed decisions. This committee will also foster the development of partnerships and collaborations with appropriate professional organizations and groups concerned with the quality of science teaching and learning.

  5. Graduate Student Committee
    New committee charge forthcoming.

  6. International Committee
    The International committee will recommend policy to the NARST Board concerning matters of international science education research; represent the concerns, interests, and unique perspectives of international members; and stimulate collaborations and exchanges of ideas between NARST and other international science education organizations.

  7. Membership Committee
    New committee charge forthcoming.

  8. Program Committee (chaired by the President)
    The Program Committee assists the President in planning and conducting the annual meeting.

  9. Publications Advisory Committee
    The Publications Advisory Committee will recommend policy concerning NARST publications, and develop and disseminate additional publications specifically design for use by media, policy-makers, education officials, teachers, and other professional organizations. This committee will also monitor the process of development of publications initiated by the External Policy and Relations Committee, and the Research Committee. This committee will also monitor and oversee changes to the NARST website.

  10. Research Committee
    The Research Committee will develop, organize and/or implement various professional development activities for the NARST membership, including special research topic pre-sessions at the Annual Meeting, and research reviews and research-oriented document specifically designed for internal use and members' benefits. The committee will also fill NARST-allocated slots at the NSTA conventions as well as conceptualize, develop and disseminate reviews of research and white papers on appropriate topics.

  11. Website Committee
    New committee charge forthcoming.

    Barbara Crawford
    NARST President


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