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The NARST Outstanding Paper Award (OPA) Selection Committee invites nominations of outstanding papers presented at the annual NARST conference held in Puerto Rico. Only names, e-mail addresses, and title of the paper are needed at this time; the OPA selection committee co-chairs will contact the nominees to submit an electronic version (either an rtf or pdf file) of the papers within 6 weeks of the conference’s conclusion. Self-nomination is also welcome.

All individual papers presented, whether stand-alone or as an individual paper within a paper set, are eligible, as long as there is a paper that was submitted for the CD or there is a paper that was distributed during the presentation. Nominations should be sent to the OPA Selection Committee co-chairs Hannah Sevian and Ingrid Weiland no later than May 10, 2013.

Following receipt of nomination, the OPA Committee Co-Chairs will contact the lead author of each eligible nominated paper to request an electronic version of a blinded copy of the paper. Nominees must provide the blinded copy as a PDF or RTF file by 11:59 PM (lead author's time zone) on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. The blinded version of the paper that is submitted to the Co-Chairs must be the exact version that was on the CD or distributed during the presentation, with the exception of altering the paper to blind it for review.

Selection of the OPA is conducted in three rounds. In the FIRST ROUND, each paper is rated and ranked by five (5) committee members. Each committee member rates 10-12 papers. Papers are assigned to raters to avoid obvious conflicts of interest even though author names and affiliations remain anonymous. The criteria for evaluation focus equally on conceptual/theoretical framework, research approach, presentation and interpretation of research, conclusions, craftsmanship/communication, significance, and creativity. Upon completing the first round of review, the OPA co-chairs will mail to all the nominees copies of the reviews they received on their papers. In the SECOND ROUND each of the papers rated and ranked in round one in the top five are rated by five (5) committee members, with each committee member reviewing 5-6 papers. Assignment to reviewers is such that a committee member who reviewed a paper in the first round would not review the same paper in the second round. In ROUND THREE those papers rated in round two in the top three are rated by all committee members to identify those papers ranked in the first, second, and third places.

Look forward to receiving your nominations!

Pat Friedrichsen, NARST Awards Committee Chair


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