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Dear NARST Members,

During the month of October we will begin to add new functionalities to the NARST website. As each new feature is unveiled you will receive a message informing you of the feature. The majority of the new features will be for members only. Participation in the NARST Website Listserv will continue to be open to NARST members and non-members.

With the addition of social media functionality to the website, NARST has been advised by its legal counsel to ensure that all users agree to a Code of Conduct (similar in nature to agreements you 'click on' for a variety of memberships and license agreements). The Code of Conduct will apply to all social media outlets through the NARST website, including the NARST listserv. If you 'accept' the Code of Conduct you will have access to all current and future social media as it becomes available. That is, you must only accept the Code of Conduct once for all functionalities. Of course, you can not accept the Code of Conduct, in which case you will not have access to NARST social media outlets, including the NARST listserv.

For your convenience, I am attaching a copy of the NARST Social Media Code of Conduct. Thus, you will be able to review the document prior to seeing it online as you follow links. Ideally this will expedite the process for you.

Effective October 1, 2012 at 9:00 am EDT all current users of the NARST listserv (NARST members and non-members) will be removed from the listserv. The listserv will be unavailable for about 1 hour. After approximately 10:00 am EDT, if you are a NARST member you may follow this link

  • you will be prompted to log in
  • the Code of Conduct page will display and you must accept in order to move forward
  • once the Code of Conduct has been accepted, you are re-directed to the LISTSERV info page where you can sign up for the LISTSERV
  • follow each step of the process to completion.

If you are a non-member of NARST and wish to re-join the listserv, then from the NARST homepage ( click on the Connect to Listserv tab and follow the process above (except for the first step).

As a NARST member, if you opt not to join the listserv at this time, you may do so at any time in the future. At whatever time you first try to use NARST social media the Code of Conduct will display. Please note, however, agreeing to the Code of Conduct and following the steps to re-join the listserv are two separate processes. If you wish to be on the listserv, then please ensure you follow the steps above.


Bill Kyle
NARST Executive Director


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